The Minimalist vegan cake


6 inch 5 layer Madagascan vanilla cake. Serving 12 party slices.

  • Allow a minimum of 48 hours for cakes to be processed. Do not book a delivery unless you have allowed for a minimum of 2 working days notice. We will only prepare cakes for the date 2 working days after the order has been received. If you are unsure, please call us. Thank you!

Please note that we require 2 working days notice for all cake orders.

You can carry your cake without a bag or use an organic, long handled string bag to help carry your cake in.

The Minimalist is a five layer six inch Madagascan vanilla cake with an off white rich vanilla buttercream icing. Each layer of sponge is topped with a vanilla buttercream filling. The outer cake buttercream is roughly iced and decorated with or without edible glitter.

This cake can be made with flour containing gluten or gluten free flour. All of the ingredients used are vegan. If you have any allergies please make us aware on the ordering form. We use a lot of nuts and some of our products that do contain gluten are prepared in the same environment.

The Minimalist allergies: Gluten (if using non gluten free flour), soya


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